Our Expertise


Examination, Evaluation and Recommendation. The first step to a complete assessment of your Practice is to determine the current state of your business.  By doing a complete assessment of your Practice Premier Management Solutions can pinpoint the weak links and recommend solutions for a successful future.  

Staff Management

A company is only as good as it's staff, especially if they're your patients first point of contact. We can provide complete re-training of staff to assure top notch customer service.  Premier Management Solutions is available for full service management as well.



There are many ways to handle payroll, it all depends on the business.  Our payroll specialists can set up a payroll system for your company or they handle your payroll on a consistent basis.


Medical Billing & Coding

Certified Coders and Billing Specialists with over 30yrs in the industry can assure prompt reimbursements through clean claims.  Accounts Receivable is worked on a consistent basis to avoid penalties and non payments. 



There are many different ways to get your name out there. Social Media, print, word of mouth and face to face marketing are only a few ways to gather new patients.  No matter the type of Practice, we have many ways of getting your business on the minds of future patients.

IT Support 

Our IT Support Specialists are all experts in their field. Office System set up is available based upon your needs. IT Specialists can also be called out for troubleshooting on an 'as needed' basis. 

Practice Setup

If you're thinking of starting your own Medical Practice or you already have and need help, Premier Management Solutions have the experience you're looking for. We can help with Licensing, Malpractice Insurance information, Credentialing, Staff assistance and much more.


EMR / EHR Support

The market is flooded with many different EMR/EHR systems, which at most times can be very overwhelming. Premier Management Solutions can recommend and guide you to the best ones based upon your needs.  We are not affiliated with any systems so our guidance is purely for the benefit of your Practice. Our experience with many systems in the past will come very handy when you need some extra help going forward.  



Quickbooks, Quicken and Ynab are just a few of the Accounting Software systems that we are proficient in.  You may have the need to have us handle your bookkeeping on a consistent basis or to train you and your staff how to have a system in place going forward.  We also offer bookkeeping audits in increments of 3, 6, 9 months to a year. 

Human Resources 

Whether you need employee manuals, company policies, PTO schedules, hiring and release assistance, Insurance guidance, Premier Management Solutions can help.  



Credentialing with health insurances, including Medicare, can be a very long process.  We have the experience to handle all of your credentialing needs in a very timely matter.


and More...

Need help with something that's not mentioned here? Contact us and we will let you know if we can help.